Sprinkler System Saves Lives in Louisville

Sometimes it feels that you never hear positive fire news stories. What we mean is that you don’t see that many news stories about sprinkler systems saving lives and preventing fires from becoming smoky behemoths; you tend to see the opposite, especially this month with the Fourth of July. It seemed like wherever you looked… Read more »

When a Housing Crisis Erupts, Fire Safety Is Often Pushed to the Sidelines

At WM Sprinkler, we believe it’s the responsibility of everyone from top to bottom to educate the public on fire safety and to do whatever to prevent fires from happening. This seems like a simple belief, but you’d be surprised at how this can get muddled especially on the bureaucratic level where people battle it… Read more »

Giving Money to Fire Safety Groups

Growing up, did you have a fire alarm in your home? Chances are you did. It seems that years ago that fire safety commercials and advertisements were all over the place, whether Smokey Bear or some animal that let kids know the dangers posed by fires – how they can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Fire… Read more »

Portland Apartment Saved by Fire Sprinkler

The majority of residential properties today still do not have fire sprinkler systems installed in them, a fact that is a concern of ours and many organizations around the country. Time and time again people have demonstrated the effectiveness of sprinkler systems in putting out and containing fires. There have been more than just demonstrations… Read more »

Sprinkler System Extinguishes Fire in School

Any type of building can fall victim to a fire, even when you least expect it. From residential properties to commercial buildings, many homes and businesses alike burn down each and every year. Fortunately, there are several safety measures that can be put into place to avoid and minimize fires, least of which are fire… Read more »

What Can We Learn from Wildfires?

While we deal primarily with sprinkler and fire prevention technology installation, and have spent a bulk of this blog discussing those things, we also feel it’s important to discuss what’s going on in the fire community as a whole – the trends, the major events, and so on. And it would be remiss for us… Read more »