Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Fire sprinkler systems are used in commercial buildings in order to save property, but they are used in residential buildings in order to save lives. The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department in Tennessee was reminded of that on Sunday, December 14, when a vacant house caught fire. The fire started in the attic, which is… Read more »

Rules Too Strict on Fire Sprinklers

A city in Vermont recently discovered that they aren’t allowed to have stricter fire codes than the state currently allows. Ridgefield has had a code that requires fire sprinklers on all houses that reach 7,500 square feet or more, and they have stuck to that code for years. Recently however, that code was discovered to… Read more »

A Single Sprinkler Saving Lives

It’s not every day that you get to see sprinklers saving lives, but occasionally the news will pick up on it, or it will happen around you and then you get to see just how much these devices have protected people over the years; sometimes even without the need of a firefighter to report to… Read more »

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter?

Proper maintenance now can help you avoid inconvenient and potentially costly freeze-ups once the temperature falls. Almost every building in the United States is subject to severe winter weather and that is especially true here in the NY Metro area. Last winter we some some record breaking temperatures and had one of the coldest winters… Read more »

The Grandfather Clause with Fire Sprinklers

All across the nation, more and more states are requiring fire sprinklers to be established in homes, residential areas, and even commercial sites. The requirement is a simple thing to think about. Fire sprinklers have been proven to save people’s lives and even control or extinguish a fire before fire fighters even arrive on the… Read more »

National Fire Prevention Week

  In honor of National Fire Prevention week, which runs from the sixth to October 10, the National Fire Sprinkler association recently put on an entire fire safety demonstration. And they aren’t the only ones, a number of fire stations and companies are putting on fire safety demonstrations for the next weeks to come. It’s… Read more »