The Grandfather Clause with Fire Sprinklers

All across the nation, more and more states are requiring fire sprinklers to be established in homes, residential areas, and even commercial sites. The requirement is a simple thing to think about. Fire sprinklers have been proven to save people’s lives and even control or extinguish a fire before fire fighters even arrive on the… Read more »

National Fire Prevention Week

  In honor of National Fire Prevention week, which runs from the sixth to October 10, the National Fire Sprinkler association recently put on an entire fire safety demonstration. And they aren’t the only ones, a number of fire stations and companies are putting on fire safety demonstrations for the next weeks to come. It’s… Read more »

Sprinkler Systems in Nursing Home Facilities

When choosing a nursing home for loved ones, the last thing on our minds is fire safety. Proper medical care, reliable staff, and comfortable housing in line with budgets and up to family standards are difficult enough to find, but a new study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has shown that… Read more »

Commercial Sprinkler Portfolio

A professional company in any field should be able to hand their prospective clients a portfolio of previous works detailing the company’s expertise. Here at W & M Sprinkler, we’ve worked with a large number of clients to create fire sprinkler and suppression systems for many settings. Our website is full of examples of our… Read more »

Sprinkler System Installation Safety and Awareness

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to automatic sprinkler systems in a home, school, or really anywhere. Most of it is due to Hollywood movies, where they love to have someone set a match at one sprinkler, which then causes all of the sprinklers to recognize it and go off as well. This… Read more »

5,700 Fires Start Every Year at Schools in America

Safety is always a big concern for families, especially for those with young children who are sent off to school every day. The work we do at W & M Sprinkler focuses on providing superior fire protection systems for responding to emergencies. We often work with schools to improve their fire response and sprinkler systems,… Read more »