The Importance of Fire Suppression Systems this Fall

The amount of times we’ve seen people shutting off their fire alarms in their home or apartment just because it goes off when they cook food without turning on the fan over the stove is rather staggering. But it’s even worse when we see how many people just don’t even have fire suppression systems at… Read more »

New York City NFPA 25 Sprinkler Inspections

New York City sprinkler inspections are required by the New York City Fire Department to be inspected, tested and maintained as required by NFPA 25 2011 edition standards. Inspections must be performed by a competent person holding a certificate of fitness, employed by the owner, to see that all parts of the system are in… Read more »

Yonkers NY Fire Sprinkler Inspections

The Yonkers Fire Department has released a notice to all building owners and operators announcing that pursuant to the requirement of the 2010 Fire Code of New York Section 901.6.2 beginning April 15, 2013 inspection records of fire protection system maintenance shall be copied to the Yonkers Fire Department. Inspection records will need to be… Read more »

Sprinkler douses fire at USM dorm

A fire at the University of Southern Maine was put out by the fire sprinkler system. Officials say the fire was started in a trash can in Upton-Hastings Hall around 2:30 a.m. on Monday.  Students living in the hall were evacuated to Brooks Student Center.  No one was hurt. The entire article can be read… Read more »

Myth: A smoke alarm is all the fire protection your home needs.

If your shirt was on fire, would you rather I tell you about it or put it out? Smoke alarms alert occupants to the presence of danger, but residents can’t rely on smoke alarms alone to keep them safe from fires. many high-risk populations– infants, children, people with disabilities, older adults – can have difficulty… Read more »